Services: Plate, Tube & Sheet Polishing

PolishingKMF Metals, Inc. is proud of the reputation that we have earned for quality and service. For over 10 years, we have gained a reuptation for quality work at competitive prices while meeting all of our customer's lead time demands for both estimating of projects and delivering on time.

Please request a quote to see how we can provide you with best-in-class service and platinum results on your next project.

Polishing Services

KMF provides all mirror and brush finishes, and our capability in contract welding and weld repair allows us to supply a finished product ready for our customer's next operation or assembly at the job site.

Our polishing capabilities include #4 stainless steel finish on many different alloys, ranging from the non-ferrous aluminum and brass/bronze materials to the 200/300/400 stainless steel groups.

Large Plate Polishing Machine

Our newly built and custom designed large plate polishing machine not only increased our ability to process larger and heavier pllates, tubes and sheets, but with faster throughput at a lower cost. Our capabilities include plates weighing over 5000 LBs in lengths to 25 feet and widths to 8 feet.

Automated Plate Polishing Machine

To better meet the demands of our national and regional customers, KMF added a 12 'x 12' automated plate polishing machine in early 2015. The new machine gives us the capability and capacity for doing the high production sizes up up to 8000 lbs.

Industries Served

The following applications include examples of our expertise in mirror polishing to a #7 or #8 in stainless steel. Providing parts to a certified RA finish has been key in meeting many of our customers' needs.

  • Food Processing
  • Metal Warehouses & Distributors
  • Cheese & Dairy Processing Equipment
  • High Speed Bottling Machinery
  • Hoppers & Tanks
  • Custom Built Counters, Tables, Shelving and Displays
  • Restaurants (Both Fine Dining & Fast Food)
  • Pharmaceutical Production