Services: Architectural

KMF Metals, Inc. has provided polishing and welding services on parts and fabrications that are installed in buildings located all over the continental United States. Please request a quote to see how we can provide you with best-in-class service and platinum results on your next project.

Architectural Projects of Distinction

The buildings below include samples of our expertise in mirror polishing, #4 stainless steel polishing, and other customer specified finishes. We have also polished a wide number of different sized parts, ranging from the small window frame channels in the Pentagon to large fountain beams at the CompuServe World Headquarters.

  • Baltimore National Aquarium (Maryland)
  • Willis Tower (Chicago)
  • Smithsonian American Indian Museum (Washington DC)
  • CompuWare World Headquarters (Detroit)
  • Pentagon (Washington DC)
  • Indianapolis International Airport (Indiana)
  • Newark Airport (New Jersey)
  • Lake Shore State Park Bridge (Milwaukee)
  • Tiffany's (Phoenix)
  • Goldman Sach's (New York City)
  • Trump Plaza (Chicago)
  • MGM Grand (Las Vegas)
  • Johnson Controls Project Honor (Wisconsin)
Willis Tower GlobeWillis Towers Globe
Chicago, IL